Friday, January 18, 2019

Best Practices for Motivating a Sales Team

Missouri-based entrepreneur Michael Emmons operates several businesses in Kansas City, including an alarm system company whose sales reached the top 10 for the nation in the last six years. In addition to his work in Kansas City, Michael Emmons has operated several other businesses through the course of his career that also reached high sales numbers through managing and motivating large management teams. 

Having a motivated sales team is key to success in business. A Gallup poll estimated that employees who lack engagement tend to be 18 percent less productive, while a Harvard Business School study found that those who feel a sense of purpose in their work tend to be more committed and have an overall better performance. 

Setting goals and clarifying the value system of the organization are helpful ways to encourage employees to see the purpose in what they are doing and feel that they are making a difference. Team leaders should also focus on building trust by clarifying expectations and having direct conversations with employees about problems, concerns, and ways to build a trusting relationship.

It’s also valuable to acknowledge that everyone is different. Some people will be motivated by financial rewards, while others want to be recognized for their work and celebrated. Still others will rise to a more creative challenge, like a contest that may not have a monetary prize. Focusing on small wins, teamwork, and individual recognition are all effective ways to keep a sales team motivated.