Tuesday, August 15, 2017

New Technologies for Today’s Modern Alarm System

With experience owning and operating water conditioning companies in Coralville, Iowa, and Kansas City, Missouri, Michael Emmons now functions as a self-employed entrepreneur in the latter location. As such, Michael Emmons has driven the growth of a start-up alarm company into an enterprise that generates approximately $70 million in annual sales in just a little over 15 years.

Someone who owned an alarm system 10 or 15 years ago probably wouldn’t recognize a modern one. Touchscreens are replacing keypads, and voices rather than beeps communicate with the user. Moreover, new systems rely on cellular communication instead of landlines for their connection to monitoring stations.

When owners are away from home, they can still arm and disarm their system remotely and get notifications if someone else does the same. Even if the system isn’t armed, it can still be programmed to alert homeowners when someone opens certain doors or windows. 

Video cameras can now integrate seamlessly with a system’s smart phone app, and users are welcome to check on their children or pets whenever they like. Water and carbon monoxide are now standard sensors on many systems for property protection and personal safety.